Brand Story

Inspired By The World Around Us

Many times our greatest influences can be right in the world around us. That is no exception with the Lucaris. Pulling from the long standing Asian traditions surrounding its roots while embracing Western trends, Lucaris looks to offer a new standard in wining and dining.

Our goal is a product that boasts both strength and beauty allowing it to take seat at any occasion, whether it be black tie or slippers only.

Design & Technology

When Tradition Meets Innovation

The design of Lucaris is a collaborative achievement between Ocean Glass, Toyo-Sasaki Glass and Martin Ballendat.
Inspired by moden Asian cities, Lucaris is an award winning glassware series designed specifically for sommeliers and wine enthusiasts.

Ocean Glass has manufactured quality glassware since 1979 and has grown to an annual capacity of 160 million pieces, which are sold in more than 90 countries all over the world.
Lucaris emerged from the determination and passion to manufacture the highest quality glassware.

Laser Cut Rim

Provides a sharp lip that enhances drinking experience and presentation

Colorless & Transparent

Lead-free composition reinforeced with Titanium produces a stunning clarity that is pure and colorless.

Oversized Bowl

An oversized bowl enables the wine to fully develop its taste and aroma.

Seamless Stem

A seamless stem is the mark of excellence. It creates a smooth and elegant transition from base to bowl.

Dishwasher Safe

Lucaris Stemware & Barware are commercial dishwasher safe to ensure long lasting clarity.

Flat Base

Our flat bases provide greater stregth and extra stability to reducee spills and breakage.

Lancaster Commercial Products

International Industry Heritage

Ocean Glass and Lancaster Commercial Products are proud to partner together and offer a full line of Lucaris Crystal products in the United States. Utilizing almost 100 combined years in the Glassware industry we are able to offer quality products at an affordable price-point through Lancaster’s U.S. distribution channels.

Lancaster’s 50 years of experience in Glassware Manufacturing and Distribution make it a vital partner in providing North American customers with timely delivery and service.