Make It An Experience

The Aerlumer feature can be found in our Robust Red, Rich White, and Universal members of the Desire Collection.

Our Aerlumer curls are integrated into the base of the bowl to promote micro-oxidation and softens the wine when swirling. This subtle action allows for the wine to be aerated within your glass, while retaining the wines integrity and true color.

This is a proprietary feature exclusively found in the Lucaris Desire Collection.

Shanghai Soul GRANDE

A New Class of Glass

At 33 and 33.5 OZ our Burgundy and Bordeaux Grande stemware out of our Shanghai Soul Collection adds a new breathe of options to and already resourceful lineup.

Retaining the collections defining fine stem we have stretched and raised the bowl for a truly developed bouquet in both pieces. The Burgundy also benefits from a flared rim focusing the flow of wine delicately onto the pallet.


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